Direct Folders


Switch between commonly used folders quickly and easily



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Do you have files saved in various folders and have a hard time navigating from one to the other?

Direct Folders streamlines this process, speeding up the work you do between different folders by adding useful features to the Windows Explorer window.

In each window you'll see a series of Direct Folders buttons that function as shortcuts to the last folders you used and the one's you've set as favorites. This way, you can switch from one window to another in a single click, even if the folders are really 'far away' from each other.

The folder browsing history can be deleted at any time so you don't accumulate too many different entries and then get lost in them.

Direct Folders also has other features, such as the option to snap a window to the screen or scroll through them in shutter mode, showing just the top bar until you need it to unfold.

Use limited to 30 days. In the trial version you can add a maximum of three destinations to the explorer bar.

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